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Weekend Warrior

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Camp Victory 
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2011 Weekend Warrior

For 7-11 Year old Boys.

December 2-4 2011

Our basic philosophy...

Camp Victory  was founded on four key principles:

   Concern for the individual's unique growth and needs
   Creation of an environment that emphasizes Self Determination and Discipline
   Development of an atmosphere encouraging personal confidence, self-esteem, and a willingness to try something new
   Encouragement of a deeper awareness and appreciation of our family, our country and God
We pursue these principles through all our interactions with the  campers. At Camp Victory, we feel that camp offers an opportunity to continue a child's education in an environment focused on personal growth. In each activity, we would like our campers to experience a progression of skill and knowledge. We believe that skill progression develops the physical agility and mental acumen that will last long beyond the short time of a session. The mastering of these skills contributes to enjoyment and competence, as well as develops self-esteem and confidence. In addition, we believe it is important for campers also to see the rationale behind our methods of instruction. Our goal is to help the individual child gain skills and perspectives which will give insight into the bigger issues in life. What a camper learns at camp can help him acquire more important skills outside of camp: self-discipline, self-direction, and shared responsibility.








46 HOUR Weekend Warrior- BOYS 7-11 - 46 hour wilderness camp experience designed to allow campers the opportunity to face odds and obstacles in the outdoor environment.


MISSION: Camp Victory Weekend Warrior is a 46 hour Wilderness Camp for boys 7-11 who are facing behavioral problems in their families or schools or who lack personal confidence.  It is based on the fundamental principles of honesty, teamwork, faith and courage. These ideals bring young men back to the basics and teach them the importance of respect. It is operated in a wilderness setting with minimal conveniences, which serves to maximize opportunities to search one's heart and learn respect and  purpose for life. Recruits are challenged to build their own shelters, prepare their own food, and participate in physical and mental competitions that build self-respect and teamwork.  Campers will hike 1 mile to setup a military base camp. After that the campers will venture into the woods for their training.

OBJECTIVE: CVWW utilizes a military style outpost camp to instill in these young men a sense of self discipline, self worth, honor, courage and respect for families, authority and our country.

  The objectives for each youth are as follows:

   a.)     To improve his decision-making skills;

   b.)     To identify negative habits and list ways to develop positive habits

   c)      To improve peer relationships by identifying negative peer characteristics and   listing positive character traits that would be found in a positively-influencing peer;

d)            To increase his awareness and appreciation for 

e)            To learn wilderness skills and be able to  demonstrate proficiency in each skill;

f.)       To learn study skills, improving   his  academic ability.

CVWW accepts boys ages 7-11 who currently exhibit behavioral problems at school or at home. These behavioral problems may also include social or emotional issues. Because of its short duration, boys are not accepted who have current problems with the law; past unlawful activities will not prohibit a boy’s entry into the program, but will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis by the administration.
















"Well, Mom and Dad what are you waiting for? Get the application and get your non-motivated, sit around the house, do nothing, lazy  son signed up for this extreme adventure!"


"I Know...I know....How much does it cost?"

"Well, Listen up. you get a tough highly disciplined 46 hour program for $550.00! That's right! $550.00 All costs included"






for 7-11 year olds ONLY. 

email admissions @ Camp Victory Weekend Warrior  for an application packet. Please put "Weekend Warrior" in subject line.

2011 dates for Weekend Warrior- - December 2-4 2011

Call for Schedule after that. Based on enrollment numbers.

DOWNLOAD WEEKEND WARRIOR APPLICATION HERE will open in another window and then you can print from the browser.


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